5 Best Data Recovery Software


In today’s society, the data you have on your computer is a person’s asses. We’ve entered our passwords, and we’ve got notes, books, and educational and professional materials. Losing data is aggravating, and recovering it is even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin. It’s very typical to lose data for a variety of reasons. It might be a variety of things, including hacking, hard disk problems, data corruption, system problems, and so on. However, whenever or wherever you find yourself in this scenario, you must remain cool and seek an appropriate solution, and no trick or remedy is more effective than data recovery software.

Data recovery software may assist you in overcoming this difficulty and, in most circumstances, you can effortlessly recover all of your data. There is a lot of data recovery software out there, and you may pick the one that is best for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 data recovery applications that will assist you in this procedure the most effectively.

Top 5 Data Recover Software

1.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard program is at the top of our list. It works on both Windows and MacOS, regardless of the device you use. Most of our data is kept on hard drives, and with EasUS, you can simply restore data from both internal and external hard drives, flash drives, and all other conceivable devices on your system, with a restriction of up to 2 GB space, which is a fantastic value. This is a three-step approach for locating, understanding, and recovering your data. It also aids in the recovery of MOV and MP4 files from your device. The best feature is that it can assist in the restoration of over 1000 files and extensions on your system, which is a major benefit.

You must first install this program on your device, then pick the data or files you wish to recover – you must scan for them – and then, last, recover the lost data using the chosen files. It’s a really easy and uncomplicated procedure.


  • EaseUS is compatible on Windows and macOS
  • It can easily recover data of almost all kind of hard drives you use
  • The interface of this software is comprehensible
  • This is a three-step process to recover your lost data; download software in your system, load the file and scan it, once the scanning process is completed you are done
  • Comes with a free trail
  • You can recover mp4 and MOV files as well


  • Some people complained the files restored are totally out of order and it might take a bit of time to arrange and recognize them
  • The free trail does not allow to recover data more than 2 GB

2.Stellar Data Recovery

The second program we have is Stellar Data Recover, which is similarly well-known for the functions it provides, which ultimately assist us in completing the task. Sometimes we lose data because it was accidentally erased or because the system corrupted or concealed it. This may assist you in effortlessly recovering and uncovering any sort of formatted, erased, or lost data. This program can help you recover up to 1 GB of data for free. The payment option is a monthly subscription, with a free trial edition available for a short period.

With the exception of the free limitation option, this program offers many of the same features and capabilities as EaseUS. It can recover data from any hard disk, whether it’s an internal hard drive, an external hard drive, a flash drive, or any form of hard drive. It also features a three-step processing procedure in which you download the program, choose the file type, choose the recovery source, scan the data, and restore them to your device.

3.Windows File Recovery

This fantastic data recovery program comes from Microsoft Windows, and it’s especially good for Windows 10. This app is exclusively for Windows 10 and only for Windows 10. This is not a third-party product, and you may get it through the App Store for Windows. Let us state up front that this is a command line application that is completely free of charge.

Windows file recovery was created with Windows in mind. If part of your local storage data – data that is available on your system or device – is destroyed or lost and cannot be recovered through Windows, you may use Windows file recovery to recover it.


The TestDisk is the fourth item on our list. This program may be used in two ways: it can restore data for both Windows and Mac OS X. The best aspect is that it’s an open source program that anybody can use, which means it’s completely free.

This program is generally used to evaluate the system and get extensive information about a non-booting device or hard disk. A non-booting device is one that does not switch on and is not accessible. This utility may be used to diagnose and repair problems with your device from outside the machine. It will analyze the drive and provide you with a thorough report that you can use to submit to an expert for further investigation.


Carbonite is the final item on our list. It’s a well-known program for backing up and restoring data on computers and other devices. It’s also compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. Carbonite offers solutions for both the home and the workplace. In comparison to commercial solutions, residential solutions are substantially less expensive.

It’s a subscription-based service with a carbonite safe – software that runs on your device and searches for problems before making suggestions for your system. You may also manually create a list of files and folders that you might wish to back up and secure. It then runs on your device to back up and encrypt your data in an ongoing manner, according to the schedule you define. Your data is copied and stored in carbonite’s global cloud storage centers.


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