Adult and the arts


    Pop art is a trend that originated in the 1950s. And flourished in America and Britain in the 1960s. In the 1960s and 1970s, different cultures and countries united in this movement. This process began as a protest of the traditional views of what art meant and what it should have been.

    The young artists thought that what they were learning in art school and seeing in museums had nothing to do with real life and current events. That is why they turned to sources such as Hollywood movies, music, advertising and comics for inspiration.

    Art is developing more and more day by day, art is everything, its possibilities are boundless. Currently, there are many young art lovers in Georgia, art is important to many, as if it is a good means of motivation. Doing what gives us happiness helps us to be more motivated in life.

    Motivation is an invisible force that affects our whole life. People start the first seconds of life with dreams and emotions, children dream, and dreams are often associated with movies, music, commercials, which further develops our brain in the direction of art.

    There is a difficult period when adults are lost in themselves, obsessed with negativity, as if locked in four dark walls and unable to escape from it, this time each teenager tries to grab something and not allow himself to give up, they try to do a favorite thing, draw, dance, Play and let their emotions flow.

    The art process in Georgia is a big problem, if we go outside, we will see a lot of young people who play and people give money, they have no income, and if we look at social networks, we will see how many people paint, burn and sell these paintings cheaply to live. Most teenagers love to dance, they dance for 9-10 years, but their income is not less than 400 GEL, but they train 24 hours a day, no one values artistic people so much.

    The state in Georgia has never been interested in art, but how important it is to develop the country in terms of art. Take electronic music, for example, which is also considered an art, but with a more modern twist. Electronic music is developing more and more all over the world and the number of listeners is always growing. This is exactly what is happening in Georgia. They just do their favorite things and enjoy it.

    If we observe teenagers in Georgia, we will realize that they go to all universities and are students, but more than half of them do not want it, they donate because of their parents, because of their parents they learn what they do not like or worse, they do not study at all. I have seen a lot of teenagers who say I dance, but I quit because of my parents and went to university, in fact no one can blame my parents in Georgia, they know their children are in a bad situation if they follow art, because this field is not developed in Georgia. Lots of talented people are lost!

    It will be lost and will be lost in the future if it continues like this. Nobody finances singers in Georgia to record a normal clip, while abroad the state is interested in the success of its own citizen, because it is the name of the country, and nobody compares the name of the country with us.

    Our government is divided into two, fighting each other and fighting for power, while art and the development of the country really do not concern anyone. As adults we have no right to give up and not fight for our dreams. Art is everything, art is in everything, in each person, we feel it, we see it and it gives us happiness.

    The current situation should not allow us to kill these possibilities in us, we are not robots, art distinguishes humans from robots because our emotions are related to art.

    There are a lot of teenagers in Georgia today who are always locked in and always painting or listening to music, they do not speak openly because no one understands them, our previous generation was different, we did not look like anything, as if we wanted more from art, as if we did not need all professors , But there is always someone ahead of us and this is a terrible future, which is going at a terrible pace in Georgia and has lost the ability to develop.


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