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Wait…is this person real?
Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?
1— Fake LinkedIn profiles are using AI face generation to create a trustworthy look.
A veteran researcher noticed something was off about a LinkedIn profile private messaging her. It was discovered that more than 1,000 LinkedIn profiles were created using artificial intelligence. NPR found that the artificial intelligence profiles were used to reel in customers to buy a product but would eventually connect them to a real salesperson. The fake profiles use the most average features to create a trustworthy face. Many of the faces, however, have irregularities like a missing earring or patchy hair. LinkedIn has removed many fake profiles according to their latest transparency report.(Source: NPR)
Why this is important for your business:
I get inundated with connection requests on LinkedIn from many profiles that seem suspect and it seems like this problem is only going to get worse. Deepfake technology can impersonate voices, videos and of course photos and AI can create fake profiles to engage and possibly extract confidential data. I need to watch this closer – and so do you.
2— A new Microsoft policy aids administrators in addressing employee misuse of the platform.
A new Microsoft policy combats misuse of company time when dealing with employees working from home. The Office Cloud Policy Service allows businesses to require multi-factor authentication when employees log into Microsoft Teams. An administrator could also establish a policy that can limit staff access to features in Word, PowerPoint and Excel that are collaboration based. Microsoft also hopes to continue adding more updates to the Microsoft 365 domain this year. (Source: Tech Radar)
Why this is important for your business:
One of my favorite technology topics when I speak to business group is how so many of us don’t realize all of the features we already own in collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365 and G-Suite. The above new tools are just a small part of them.
3—3D printing technology is aiding the shortage in housing and labor markets.
Diamond Age is an automation startup company intended to help combat the lack of labor and appeal to home building by creating a 3D printing technology to help perform construction work and other jobs. CEO Jack Olsen created this company to aid worker shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as save time and money on laborious jobs such as hanging cabinets.. The company also targets the recent housing shortage that has become a problem in the mortgage industry by creating homes at a faster and cheaper rate. (Source: PYMNTS)
Why this is important for your business:
Having trouble finding workers? In the construction business? These are the types of technologies coming on the market to help you get work done with less people.
4—Self driving cars have infiltrated the agriculture industry with John Deere’s newest tractor.
John Deere Tractors have released their newest 8R tractor aimed to help farmers plant, harvest and weed without driving. The new tractor is said to be able to everything a Tesla can do such as reverse, parallel park, lane assist and include 6 different cameras that allow for 360 degree vision. The 12 ton tractor with 20 hour battery life is suspected to cost around $500,000. (Source: Good News Network)
Why this is important for your business:
Autonomous vehicles may be facing hurdles on city streets. But the technology is quickly coming to market in the form of trucking and vehicles used internally by businesses, from warehousing to farming. If you’re in the agriculture business, John Deere’s latest offerings may provide you with a way to get work done with less humans doing it.
5— The ANYmal X Robot becomes global in inspections for dangerous environments.
ANYbotics— a Swiss robot company— introduces ANYmal X which enhances inspecting solutions to oil, gas and chemical industries. ANYmal X can inspect products that may be dangerous for individuals to test themselves as well as make crucial inspections with less error. Many other companies around the world have adopted ANYmal X which is now present in over 30 countries. The ANYmal X can do a multitude of different inspections such as visual inspections, liquid level, and lever positions, gas detections and 3D scanning of infrastructure. ANYbotics intends to release around 300 units during the next few years. (Source: Robotics & Automation News)
Why this is important for your business:
Are you picking up on the theme this week? It’s how robots and tech are replacing people. I’ve mentioned construction and farming. Now it’s the oil industry. I’m betting there are similar techs in your industry too.



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