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Apr 04, 2022, 09:00 ET
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Health and fitness leaders Jack Seitz and Lara Rosenbaum join CONNEQT’s executive team, bringing a combined 45 years of digital health marketing talent
IRVINE, Calif., April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CardieX Limited (ASX: CDX), a global health technology company focused on cardiovascular disease and vascular health disorders, today announces the addition of notable experts in the health and fitness spaces. Jack Seitz and Lara Rosenbaum have been appointed to the executive team of CardieX’s subsidiary, CONNEQT, a new consumer health company that will focus on home vital signs monitors, wearables and consumer health apps.

Jack Seitz joins the team as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing with him marketing, creative services and brand management experience from companies such as Puma and WHOOP – the latter recently being valued at $3.6 billion after launching in 2011. Jack’s passion has always been in the health and fitness space, helping to bring new technology to the market to propel these industries forward. During his time at WHOOP, Jack focused on reaching elite performers and educating professional athletes on the importance of monitoring their vitals for optimal performance. His work with the company helped to take it from a startup to household name in a short time. Now, his interest lies in marketing health technology that reaches a much larger market – the everyday consumer. He was drawn to CONNEQT knowing its products are designed to help monitor daily vital signs and heart metrics as a way to maximize preventative health. With cardiovascular diseases being the world’s leading cause of death globally, Jack felt aligned with CONNEQT’s mission to disrupt the heart health industry by providing devices that measure what matters.
"I’ve had the privilege to work for some of the most innovative companies the sports and health tech industries have seen, and during that time I recognized the importance data can have in helping prevent injuries," said Jack Seitz, CMO of CONNEQT. "I want to apply my experience to CONNEQT which is doing amazing work in the heart health space. With the amount of people affected by cardiovascular diseases, both knowingly and unknowingly, it is data that will help individuals monitor where their health lies and what they need to adjust to live a long and strong life."
Lara Rosenbaum has been appointed as CONNEQT’s Senior Director of Content Strategy and will be leading strategy around branded content to help position CONNEQT as a trusted, go-to health resource. In addition, she will be working alongside Jack to support the company’s marketing goals and needs. Lara brings with her a plethora of knowledge in health journalism, digital branding, and content marketing, having done similar work for Fitbit, Hims, Women’s Health Magazine and other likeminded companies. Before starting her career, Lara was a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team, which is where her passion for health, fitness and peak performance truly stems from. She was drawn to CONNEQT knowing what its technology is designed to do: helping users learn and understand their health on a deeper level. As a former athlete herself, Lara understands the importance of knowing how your body operates, and she believes bringing devices to consumers that can provide advanced metrics on their vitals and vascular health is truly game changing.
"As a creative thinker, I’m excited to be joining this incredible team at CONNEQT to help share its goals and vision with the world," said Lara Rosenbaum, Senior Director of Content Strategy at CONNEQT. "The products in development are remarkable and capable of making a true difference. I’m hopeful to use my experience in the health and fitness industries to showcase just how revolutionary technology like this is, and the power it can have when brought directly to consumers to use as part of their daily routines."  
Lara and Jack both joined CONNEQT after seeing the potential the brand has to normalize heart health tracking so everyday consumers can improve their health and experience true vitality. The two executives are joining the team to work alongside CardieX’s group CEO and Co-founder of CONNEQT, Craig Cooper, who inspired them both to be part of this journey.
These new hires come at a time when CONNEQT is developing its first products, which will begin launching later this year. The first to market will be the CONNEQT "Pulse" – a dual blood pressure monitor anticipated to be the first consumer vital signs monitor to measure central blood pressure using CardieX’s patented SphygmoCor® technology. Additionally, CONNEQT will be branching shortly thereafter into the health wearable space with the CONNEQT Band, which will include a full suite of patented health parameters as well as unique health and wellness features focused on heart health.
"Jack and Lara bring with them not only a great deal of industry leading experience, but also an abundance of passion for CONNEQT and what we are doing in the heart health space," said Craig Cooper, Group CEO and Co-founder of CONNEQT. "It is a great honor to be able to bring their expertise to our company, and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish."
To learn more about CONNEQT’s parent company and the patented SphygmoCor® technology used in the upcoming products, visit To stay informed about CONNEQT and its product rollouts, visit and sign up to keep "conneqted."
In summer of 2021, CardieX announced its newest subsidiary CONNEQT, a digital health company focused on bringing home vital signs monitors, wearables and apps directly to consumers. The products, set to begin launching in late 2022, will be using the same FDA-cleared and patented SphygmoCor® technology that has been used in medical devices for more than 20 years by CardieX subsidiary, ATCOR. 
Global health technology company CardieX is a leader in heart health technology and arterial data analysis. Its ACTOR subsidiary is a world leader in medical devices and digital solutions for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other vascular health disorders with ATCOR’s SphygmoCor® technology recognized as the industry standard for measuring central arterial pressure waveforms. CardieX’s CONNEQT subsidiary develops and markets consumer home health devices and wearables. CardieX is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CDX).
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