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Have you ever looked into your genealogy? Whether you know you’re part of the world’s largest family tree or you’re just getting started, looking into your family roots can be an eye-opening experience. And if you want to go beyond the surface and find out the ins and outs of your DNA, technology has made this process easier than ever.
The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit ensures you learn everything about your makeup without spending an arm and a leg, and right now you can receive a test and a one year subscription to their service for just $89 (54% off the usual price).
With a seriously impressive 277 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit is the #1 gene-based software on the market. It’s similar to competitors you might have heard of, but without the steep price tag for the same results. It’s a super easy saliva-based test that you can do from the comfort of your home, then send away and receive a wealth of information.
The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit goes way beyond your 23 chromosomes to provide personalized health insights that show you your very own unique genetic tendencies for hundreds of health issues. Find out information that can help you reach your health goals and receive targeted supplement, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.
Aside from the DNA test, your purchase also includes a one-year subscription to personalized health reports and traits that are regularly updated and address topics ranging from mood and blood pressure to gut issues. These SelfDecode reports come from AI and machine-learning technology and are backed by scientific research that’s linked within the reports. You’ll also get unlimited access to helpful health tools like the Regimen Builder and Lab Analyzer.
Get an in-depth analysis of exactly what you’re made of. Buy The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit + 1 Yr Subscription Bundle for just $89 today.
Prices subject to change.
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