How to avoid your computer running so slowly


There is no denying that we are extremely dependent on technology. We have not given it complete control, but we surely let it control some of the important things. For example, much of our manual labor has been minimized because of the use of technology.

So, imagine our frustration when this technology slows down and restricts the smooth flow of our work. Especially after the pandemic, when work from home is still continuing for some people, having your technology act up is not a happy occurrence.

Sometimes, we do not even understand why it acts up, and it just adds to our frustration. Especially when we are catching up with our favorite movies and shows from The Pirate Bay. However, we have scoured through the internet and managed to get some of the most common reasons. Hopefully, they work for you!

How to avoid your computer running so slowly

1. Your Application Is Not Updated

Have you perhaps gotten a notification to update your computer a little too many times probably? If you are trying to save data by not downloading the updated version of whatever you are using or simply forgetting, this is your cue to get the job done.

Sometimes the application you are using might not be updated, hence acting slow. Updating your program regularly is also important when it comes to making it more secure for your device.

2. You Are Using A Corrupted File

Have you checked the URL or scanned the file that you just downloaded. It could be possible that your computer is corrupted with a virus. A start to a malware activity is the start of a slow system.

Scan some of the new applications or extensions that you just downloaded over the antivirus. If you do not have one, install an antivirus today.

3. Your Device Is Running On Low Memory

When your system memory or the RAM is running out, it can essentially make your system much slower than before. That’s why your refresh rate starts decreasing if you have low memory and keep downloading files with high data.

The solution to this problem would be simply to delete some of the software which you won’t be using. However, you will definitely see a change in the speed once the memory is comparatively clean.

4. Too Much Going On In The Background

If too many applications are opened in the background or too many tabs in your chrome, this can be a major cause for a slow system. Your computer is already processing so much that it is getting congested.

Again, a very simple solution would be simply to close some of the applications when you are not using them. Keep the tabs that you are working on open. Check your system and do a thorough cleaning before you finally start working.

5. All Your Softwares Are Updating

Yes, we know, we asked you to update your software. However, you cannot start updating all your software at once because then it would be a problem. When too many updates are happening in the background, your computer is processing data and memory, which could be too much.

This can also consume a lot of data for no reason. So, it is always advised to take one software at a time when you are updating.

6. Ineffective Antivirus

Antivirus is an essential part of your computer. It scans all the external data that enters your device and reports whether it is fit to use. However, most free antivirus doesn’t provide effective protection to your device.

This ineffective antivirus can cause more nuisance than a help. Always consult an expert when you are trying to get an antivirus installed. Ensure the working of the software.

7. Too Many Startup Programs

Whenever you download a new application, it will try to make it more known to you. Do you remember giving permission to this new software or the extension when you first downloaded it? This was the permission to open whenever you start your system.

Therefore, whenever you are opening your computer, too many things are opening, and your system is getting slower.


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