MalCare Review in 2022: Best Features & Pricing


MalCare Overview

MalCare is created by the same team who built BlogVault, a company that most of us website owners will recognize for their very popular backup plugin product.

The company has provided backup services for more than 200,000 websites, and I had confidence that a security product from them would be nothing short of excellent.

MalCare Top Features

  • Complete WordPress security
  • One-click malware removal
  • Real-time firewall
  • Find hidden Malware
  • Block hackers and brute-force attacks
  • Easy-to-use plugin

WordPress has made creating a website easier than ever. Not many would look beyond this platform, and I fall into this category.

But because WordPress is so popular, it tends to attract the attention of hackers more than any other CMS. A recent malware attack on my website made me realize that I needed to find a good security plugin.

A compromised website can lead to desperate times. Getting blacklisted on Google is the last thing I needed, so my WordPress security plugin had to really deliver.

We spent a lot of time on research and reading customer reviews of several popular security solutions. MalCare was a product that was mentioned many times in a number of places, and I decided to use it to fix my compromised websites.

One of the reasons MalCare attracted me was that all who reviewed it were impressed by its simple-to-use nature. This along and its advanced backend technology convinced me to try out the security solution.

MalCare plugin is designed to clean up compromised sites, and it also includes many preventive measures.

Team BlogVault had spent over two years developing MalCare, a sign that they took all the time necessary to ensure a multi-featured security solution that’ll protect a WordPress site from all sorts of threats. I tested some of MalCare’s core features and those are:

  • Installation and Setup
  • MalCare Dashboard
  • MalCare Scanner
  • MalCare Cleaner
  • MalCare Firewall
  • Website Hardening
  • Website Management
  • Secure Backups


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