SIDDHARTH CHATURVEDI Pioneer in pre-loved luxury car segment


    Siddharth Chaturvedi is set to deliver what most luxury car enthusiasts in the country have been waiting for since decades – an all-inclusive pre-loved luxury car segment, complete with pan-India showrooms and a luxurious experience from purchase to after sales. “We are working really hard to make this industry an organised one, and to remove the preconceived notion about used cars. This is why we now call second-hand cars preloved cars as each high-end automobile and customer is equally important to us,” shares Siddharth.

    Siddharth was born and brought up in the capital city of New Delhi. He was able to break into the automobile industry out of sheer passion and love for fast machines. In the initial days, when he worked for big media houses, he even doubled up as an active super bike racer. But soon he gravitated towards luxury cars and that’s how the idea behind ‘Boys and Machines India’ was born.

    Siddharth is the brains behind Boys and Machines India – a platform of pan-India showrooms providing an ultra luxurious experience in pre-owned luxury cars. “The idea behind this venture was to offer an exotic range of super cars to our esteemed customers across India. We brainstormed a lot before getting into the trade as it requires a lot of expertise to deliver smooth transactions. We first started by identifying the right people for the right job to look after specific departments, so that we deliver with maximum output,” explains Siddharth.

    Launched in October 2020, the company managed to open 4 showrooms in just 100 days across India, located at Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Going forward, they are aiming for 3 more showrooms and an increased digital presence in even Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

    Boys and Machines. Delivering smiles and supercars gives me immense happiness, and I’m working hard to go international soon. The pre-owned car market will grow manifold as demand is already 2X today. We can’t miss the opportunity to grab a major market share. Sitting at a turnover of 50 crore plus at the end of our first financial year defines our huge appetite and we will fulfill it by having our presence across borders,” says Siddharth regarding their future plans.

    uch humongous operations is a behemoth task requiring a full task-force. Siddharth accepts he couldn’t have followed his dream had it not been for the support of his family and friends. “With God’s grace I have very supportive family and friends who always guide and help me to solve challenges. I strongly believe that staying together and discussing your problems with your loved ones helps you come up with alternatives and pumps you up to face them with a smile,” says Siddharth.

    Siddharth’s strengths include a focused mindset, adaptability to change, systematic financial layout, team motivation, and willingness to learn. These have helped him stand strong and overcome the challenges to become a leading face for this industry. Yet, he is quick to reiterate that an organisation doesn’t work on a one-man show, but instead, is a team effort: “It is important to be grateful and acknowledge team effort as a good team can easily tide you over difficult situations.”

    Siddharth what the situation entailed. He says there were both positives and negatives. The negative was that sales was impacted for a short duration, but the positive was that after the initial lull, sales picked up tremendously as customers went in for safety and luxury.

    Boys and Machines also shifted their focus on dual strategy. First, they procured more and more mid segment vehicles. The demand was very high for cars in the bracket of 20-80 lakhs but due to manufacturing delays, the wait time increased from 3 months to 9 months. Boys and Machines made inroads by offering upgraded models to customers which they loved.

    Secondly, they focused towards a quick response system and catering to all automobile solutions under one roof, like offering doorstep car servicing and showcasing cars via video calls to customers at different locations. This went a long way in making the customers feel confident that that they are dealing with a professional organisation focused towards customer retention.


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