Study finds that kids are happier in nature


If you’re looking for a way to help your kids feel more empowered, the latest research suggests there’s nothing better than time spent in the great outdoors – as a new study has revealed that children’s happiness may be closely linked to sustainable behaviours. 

Researchers from the Sonora Institute of Technology, Mexico, found that children who feel more connected to nature feel happier. While previous links have been found between adults and nature, this is the first time research has found a link for kids, too. 

Nearly 300 children aged nine to 12, from north-western Mexico, were assessed across a number of categories – including altruism, equity, frugality, and pro-ecological behaviours. They were asked about their connection to nature, both in appreciating beauty, and in feeling a part of it. Finally, their happiness levels were measured using the ‘subjective happiness scale’. 

Results revealed that the more connected children feel to the natural world, the more inclined they are to engage in sustainable behaviours, which lead to a greater sense of happiness.

We couldn’t think of a better reason to encourage kids to continue developing their love of the great outdoors. Let’s carry on making their lives – and the world as a whole – a much better place.


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