Teenager’s way to deal with stress in sport


Stress, negative thoughts, angry mind, no vision for the future and so many real problems are which appear when person is a teenager. So many child have a hard period and they don’t see anything good no where, they are angry with their parents and can’t explain why do they this. Confused and abused parents who often make big mistakes out of anger with teens do not know- how to behave.

What happen next? At this time, teenagers are mostly addicted to social networks and become addicted, which makes them feel worse. In this process of thinking and searching, parents forget one field-sport. And why sport? It’s simple easy.

Sports are great way to have fun while feeling bad. It teaches you important life lessons like:

* Controlling emotions

* Taking pride in accomplishments

* Working as a team

* Overcoming challenges

Having a healthy attitude about sports are learning to deal with the stress that comes with competing can help you perform your best. Teens stress will turn into competition, aggression in the desire to win. They every day meet their peers and observing them will make you want to become progressive.

The way that teens can deal with stress in sports are:

* Deep breathing

* Muscle relaxation

* Going to a happy place

* Visuallizing success

* Mindfulness

* Having a routine

* Thinking positively and

* Developing self-talk

Nika tsereteli, who had some depression in teenager age said that, “When I was teenager and have so uncertain situation, my mom and dad introduced me to basketball. At the first time, i wanted to come out as soon as possible. Cause i thought i could not control my anger at everything, I didn’t know hot to work with a team ans so on. But, slowly I noticed how i excited I was to go in for sport.”

I changed. My mind changed. I felt everything good again. I became more calmer than ever. Basketball helped me to put aside my worries and concentrate on the task at hand. Sport help us to treat depression. It reduced me relapse. My coach said me and i agree with him – sport is as effective as standard antidepressant treatment in one study, with modest amounts of exercise helping improve depression. Of course, i also had depression with a hard And complex forms, like schizophrenia, which including loss of motivation and thinking difficulties, sport improved my life.

I met a lot of, good people which also helped me and each-other to worked hard like team,became the best versions of ourselves and they were given a lock that bothered me. When you have goal u don’t have time to think about something bad. I agree and support, teenager to start playing some sports. It is difficult to start, adjust, communicate when u think that it will not work either, but you must do it exactly in this moment. Ask your parents to help you.

Now, I don’t play basketball but i work out so hard, i am not going to stop it, it is my everyday routine . Depression did not returned accordingly.” “My son had bad time until he began playing football. From time to time I looked how he changed. I felt that “how it is so good that i tried and entered the sport when he did not want it. Sometimes when teenager didn’t know what she/he want we, parents do something instead of them. In my case, it was best way. Nowadays he is still playing football. And my son is happy.”


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