The signs indicate that your mouse has to be changed


The mouse is one of the most important parts of a computer. We all know it, and we understand that they will be worn out after a while. However, it is difficult to determine exactly when a mouse reached the gray status at the end of the line and when it needs to be replaced with another mouse. The three signs that a mouse has reached the end of its life and has stopped working are:

Suddenly freezes

That’s what happened with my Logitech MX518 gaming mouse. One day it worked fine, but suddenly it turned off randomly. I checked to see if the battery was turned off, but it contained juice. The only fact I could think of was that the mouse was already 2 years old (I know, I can’t believe that age either), so I went looking for an upgrade.

Laser tracking is a common reason for the failure of a mouse. The optics inside are subjected to high levels of stress, and if they fail, then the wireless mouse also fails. It’s important to have some mouse tests online so you can test the keys. You can do it for free and know how smooth it is to use the optimal speed rate with the clicks and cursor that are made for it.

Abnormal cursor

If you’re using a 3D modeling program on your computer, it’s important to know how to tell if your mouse is dying. A standard three-button mouse simply doesn’t work well with 3D modeling programs, which require the user to be precise with certain movements. When the mouse begins randomly slinging the cursor in a corner, or its movement feels sluggish, it should be replaced.

If you’ve recently noticed that the cursor is being uncontrollably flung around your screen, then it’s time for you to buy a new mouse. It usually doesn’t take long for your mouse to start dying.

Buttons get stuck 

Have you ever scrolled down a website and then stopped to rest your mouse, only to find that it continued to scroll on its own?

Both buttons will move you up and down web pages in general, but they will only respond occasionally when you click. This problem has a straightforward solution. Remove the mouse button from the cover, clean it thoroughly with a little degreaser, then replace it. The mouse functions just as it did previously.

However, if the issue persists, try a different one.


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