To what extent does the Walt Disney company influence society and in which manner?


    It is of great purpose to know how Disney influences society as millions of people daily come in contact with Disney’s productions. And more important children, the most influential group of society, inhale Disney. Many youngsters, like ourselves grew up watching Disney movies and television shows not nothing that we it would have an impact on our future. It is important for parents but also for the children themselves to know what they are looking at and what it is doing with them.

    Our global issue, minority representation in modern movie culture, and the leading question complement each other as Disney can contribute to the improvement of the representation of the minority in modern movie culture due to the influence they have. If Disney suddenly starts to only produce films that include minorities other artists will probably follow in Disney’s footsteps.

    In this research paper we will discus five main topics to get a broader idea the kind of influence Disney exercises and what shapes it comes in. The first chapter is about the rate of Disney’s influence. You have to know how far Disney’s influences reaches to be able to answer the first half of the leading question. Secondly we discuss the creator of Disney himself, Walt Disney. We question if the discrimination present in the company’s production comes from the ideas of Walt himself or if it is connected to the zeitgeist.

    The third sub question discusses the topics the company finds important to address. At the had of the orientation we will know what kind of ideas the company sends out into the world. Fourth we take a look at the wealth Disney has build up. It is a common saying that the more money you have, the more power you posses and so like the first chapter this one helps us find out the extent of the company. In the last chapter we take a closer look at how responsible the enterprise is. If the company is not responsible combined with their influence it can have a negative impact on the world.

    Everyone you speak to, at least in our experience, knows what Disney is and has at least seen a Disney film. Because who does not know our beloved mouse Mickey or has never read the popular magazine Donald Duck? That was actually our approach. We think that Disney Studios influence just goes a long way. 

    But influence is also power, the power to make changes, good or bad. But in our eyes Disney has never done anything wrong, at least we thought that was the case, we didn’t know. What we did know is that Disney would seem to have some bizarre measures to uphold their image. But we didn’t know if that would actually be the case. 

    What we also thought when we went into this investigation is that we would encounter some very shining things. Things that cross borders would be like racism and ignoring oppressed minorities. We were also of the opinion that Disney did not do LGBTQ+ representation.

    Since 1937 has Disney enchanted us with its wondrous and mesmerizing creations. Children grow up with their heart set on a wedding in Disneyland with their prince Charming. In friendship books you would write down a Disney classic as an answer to ‘What is your favourite movie or song of all time?’ And beds are overloaded with Disney plush toys.. Everyday new people discover the astounding world of Walt Disney whilst guiding the enterprise in its eternal growth. 

    Disney has grown greatly since its first appearance and is now one of the most well-known companies all over the world. You may not speak Chinese but with the word ‘Disney’ you are able to start a conversation anywhere on the globe. The Walt Disney Company wears a positive name within society. Many cheerful memories are made while watching one of the movies or playing dress-up with your friends. 

    Nowadays Disney classics aren’t watched on CDs anymore but in great quantity and quality streamed on Disney plus. Not only does Disney play a large role at home, the company helped the American soldiers on the testing road to the victory of World War II. Everywhere they looked soldiers were came eye to eye with cartoons with gleeful expressions full of life giving them the last push enabling them to fight on.


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