Uh, Your Anti-Breakage Hair Products *Might* Be Making Damage Worse


    Once upon a time, I completely and utterly f*cked up my hair. In an innocent attempt to fix my curls after some intense heat styling, I began slathering them in every anti-breakage treatment I could find. Cut to two months later, dealing with hair so crispy that I had to enlist the help of experts (while crying, of course), who informed me that the very products I had been pouring my hopes/ dreams/money into were actually adding fuel to my damage fire. Yes, thank you, it was a lot. But now that I am safely on the other side—curls a-bouncin‘ again—I am here to help you avoid making the same mistake.

    What Does ‘Anti-Breakage’ Really Mean?

    If a hair product touts any toughstuff lingo (‘Fixes!’, ‘Restores!’, ‘Repairs!’), it is likely packed with proteins, which help strengthen damaged hair by filling in holes along the cuticle. Sounds great—and it is great!—unless you are unaware that…

    Protein Overload = More Breakage

    When you use these products 24/7, the protein quickly builds up and dries out your hair. “If you stretch a strand of dry hair and it snaps immediately, you have got too much protein,” says US-based trichologist Gretchen Friese.

    That is exactly what happened to me—I had unknowingly turned my hair (and soul) into a fragile shell instead of reaching for the real key: hydration. “People think they need protein to fix their issues, when they usually need more moisture,” explains US-based trichologist Audrey Sivasothy. (Think: you chugging a third iced-coffee when your body is really begging for water.)

    The Easy-ish Fix

    Rinse with a clari fying shampoo twice a month to strip the protein build-up, swap your products for moisture-rich formulas, and limit your protein treatments to just twice monthly. It will take time to restore ~the balance~, but after a month or two, your hair will return to its soft and shiny state—and, like me, you will be off spreading the goodhair gospel to all your friends.

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