Top 5 SEO Companies in 2022


When it comes to advertising your business, search engine optimization has become one of the most important factors. It’s no wonder that entire firms exist only to implement SEO methods. In today’s world, when the majority of business marketing is done online, it’s nearly hard to envision being successful without having a strong online presence.

The year 2021 has changed the dynamics of internet marketing, as well as the demand for offline services. For this reason, there are some SEO companies that skyrocketed towards success because of their innovations and inclusive approach. There are still some industry giants that stay relevant, of course, serving as an example to these young firms.

Even after you’ve created your online profile, you’ll need to advertise it to attract consumers! It’s sometimes better to delegate this task to a professional. If you’re not sure why you need SEO services, consider the last time you made a purchase without first visiting the company’s website or following them on social media.

Top 5 SEO Companies in 2022


Where: Dallas, Texas

Founded in: 2005

When it comes to search engine ranking strategy, this is one of the best companies. It’s hardly unexpected that it’s been around for almost a decade. Thrive experts work hard to ensure that your company succeeds as well. This company has recently concentrated on Amazon marketplace technical support and SEO automation solutions.


Where: Irvine, California

Founded in: 2014

This company provides a comprehensive SEO plan that is linked to analytics and data. At the same time, it may aid in the development of your overall brand, advertising, and website. The primary focus is still on technical and automated SEO tools. Your web traffic will increase, and your presence will be much stronger, thanks to PBJ marketing.


Where: Miami, Florida

Founded in: 2015

The firm has a varied workforce with expertise in technical search engine optimization and user experience. WEBRIS can also come up with cost-effective solutions for any budget! Their site also has a lot of valuable information, such as how to do SEO audits, how to benefit from your Facebook page, and how to implement SEO strategy.

Greenlane Marketing

Where: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Founded in: 2005

The company has been in business for more than 15 years, so you will get the highest level of expertise here. Their digital services can attract new clients and increase revenue. Greenlane Marketing also has some educational materials for those firms who are not ready to commit to full cooperation with SEO services company but still want to grow professionally.


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